ihre mails werden weitergereicht, kein problem, mit diesem system wird nur der rahmen, nicht aber das mail weitergegeben

well this little picture sharing program is tricky

when scanning a picture you dicide how long this pict shall be visible

only when it is opened atthe first time

during 10 minutes

during 30 minutes

during 1 hour

http://unsee.cc your link for this


creat your tricky mail

1 type your mail with notepad, word or whatever

2 scan jour mail in a jpg format - or use snag it to scan directly on the text program - save your picture

3 load unsee.cc and select the possibilities of exposition of the picture

4 upload thr picture - vou get a wonderful link like https://unsee.cc/renapubi/

5 write your mail, and copy the link in the text part.

Some of my fax messages and emailes have been forwarded to other persons not very kind to do so. now these lousy b..... must open their mail, to read it, take not and loos it again.

Security first